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What is a security assessment?

 – The access may be based on a keyed padlock system, a system which has been refined throughout its long history. Electronic locks may be used on gates for remote access. The lock may be secured with a code that is either shared or individual. The gate may have an attendee.

Locks – All locks should be in working order, and installed properly. Make sure you weigh the benefits of having a professional install your locks. A lock that is functioning should also be used. Having a lock that is never locked will be the same as not having a lock when your security is tested. Always invest in the best door locks.

Motion sensors – Any motion sensor should be set up to communicate to another device. The secondary device will need to gather attention. It can be as simple as triggering a light, or as involved as sending you a text message.

Visibility – When there is no place to hide there is no place to work in secret. Lights, trimming plants, and even the shape of the building can increase perimeter visibility.

Window protection – Windows are often pointed to as the biggest flaw to a building’s security. A criminal will not waste time with a vault door if there is a window into the same room. The first step would be to lock your windows. Further protection would be to bar them, or even invest in window security film.

Security cameras – It is true that inactive security cameras will discourage some criminals, but it more secure to utilize real protections. Make sure you have high-quality security cameras.

Alarms – An effective alarm is one that cannot be ignored. If it is not getting your attention then it is not effective. If you are away from your home, your alarm will need to attract the attention of your neighbors.

Security system – A security system is not simply an alarm. What a system offers is remote alerts. This system should be set up to notify law enforcement, as well as you, when your security has been tampered with. Cell phone networks are going to be more tamper resistant than landline systems. In some cases homeowners can utilize monitored security systems to enhance safety.

Layers – Use different styles of protection. For example, actively using cameras, motion sensor lights, alarms, and locks all at the same time.

Redundancy – This is when you have more than one of a particular protection. In the event that an alarm is compromised, do you have a second alarm? If you have redundant security measures, always use them simultaneously. A lock that is unlocked is not providing any safety. The same goes for anything else not in use. If it is not being used it is not doing its job.

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